Our Services

Vessel Tank Cleaning

Om Marine provides Vessel Tank Cleaning (in OPL and Sea Side) services. We utilize 3-D waterjet technology to remove difficult deposits from various vessels and tanks. Our 3-D system blasts using two high-pressure water jets on a revolving head. The tool rotates horizontally while the jets rotate vertically, ensuring a 360 degree cleaning inside of the tank or vessel.

Desludging and Deslopping Services

We provide desludging and deslopping services in ships and tankers. All of our employees have years of experience in desludging field work in order to ensure service provided of required standard. All the sludges will be disposed according to Malaysia accordance of SPAN rules and regulations for disposal of waste water and sludge at the approved disposal ground.

Waste Oil Collections

Om Marine collects all types waste oil from various industries in Malaysia. We have DOE license for all type of oil collections. We always efficiently manage the inspection, compliance, collection and reprocessing of any waste oils that your processes might generate – providing the highest level of service standards. We use dedicated oil tanker to transmit the oil to the approved disposable area.

Oil Trap Cleaning

Om Marine also provide cleaning services to clean oil trap in your machineries, ships, etc. Our highly skilled technician will be able to remove and clean the entire tank without any oil in the tank. We use high tech equipments to clean the trapped oil

Cargo Hold Cleaning

Om Marine Service provide cargo hold cleaning solution, combining high-performance cleaning agents and mobile equipment to help ship owners, operators and their crews stay safe and compliant on a global basis. We provide standardised solution combines high quality chemicals with support for crew and consistent global supply to help customers manage costs.

Transloading of Cargo

We also provide transloading cargo services to our clientale as part of our services. We load, unload and reload cargo goods to and from containers. We provide transloading for international movement of freight from one mode of transportation; for example from ocean container or air cargo to another transport like truck or rail.

Dangerous Goods Handling

Om Marine also handles and transports dangerous goods throughout Malaysia. We strictly follows Malaysian Law, taking proactive measures to protect the environment while carrying these dangerous goods.

On Board Spillage Cleaning

Om Marine provides On Board Spillage Cleaning Services. We use complete unit of mixed equipment specifically made to use on board merchant vessels in conjunction with oil spill emulsifier and marichem oil spill dispersant for cleaning up spills at sea, on board and/or at shore by our technical staffs. Our equipments are engineered, designed and manufactured under high quality standards in order to fulfill Malaysian Government regulations.

Waste Management

We offer Waste Management and Disposable of Scheduled Waste Services for all type of Industrial Waste. Our Waste Management Services are Disposable of Scheduled Waste, Garbage Collection from Vessels, Disposable of Food Waste, etc

Scrap Metal

We also provide Scrap Metal collection and recycling services to our clients. It ranges from big scale to small scale depending on clients need. We dispose scrap metals from industrial areas including hardware, tools, machineries including large scale transportations, tractors, cranes, etc.


Om Marine Group handles transportation of goods within Malaysia via our land transportation. We have lorries and trucks ranges from 1 tonne up to 3 tonne and trailers for your various need.

Labour Supply

Om Marine Group also handles labour supply for various industries for both full time and part time basis as well as for project basis.

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